MITETE Folic acid supplement born from the voices of 100 women, 30days


We have focused on “gentleness” that is truly safe.

Based on the voices of more than 100 women, we have formulated a well-balanced formula containing folic acid, iron, calcium, various vitamins, and other ingredients that women tend to be deficient in. Because it is a truly safe and “gentle” product, it can be taken with peace of mind even during delicate periods such as during pregnancy.

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Main ingredients [4 capsules] Folic acid 400μg, calcium 200mg, iron 15mg
Vitamin content (in 4 capsules)] VC: 70mg, V.D3: 8.5μg, V.B1: 1.3mg, V.B2: 1.5mg, V.B6: 1.3mg, V.B12: 2.8μg
Recommended daily intake [Recommended daily amount: 4 capsules].
Contents 42g (350mg x 120 capsules) [approx. 30 days’ worth].
Ingredients Rice magnesium (manufactured in Japan), reduced maltose syrup, zinc-containing yeast, selenium-containing yeast, copper-containing yeast, reduced palatinose / shell calcium, cellulose, V.C, ferric pyrophosphate, HPC, Ca stearate, niacin, pantothenic acid Ca, shellac, V.B6, V.B2, V. B1, folic acid, V.D3, V.B12
Ingredient Label [per capsule] Energy: 0.64 kcal, Protein: 0.01 g, Fat: 0.01 g, Carbohydrate: 0.12 g, Salt equivalent: 0.007 g, Calcium: 50 mg, Iron: 3.75 mg, Folic acid: 100 μg