Hagu Maca, born from the voices of 100 couples. 30days


Maca supplements to nurture your family. We recommend MITETE during pregnancy.

A maca supplement containing organic maca powder, 4 vitamins, and 3 fatigue-supporting ingredients. Supports healthy everyday life for the family. Recommended for both men and women in the midst of pregnancy.

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Main ingredients [1 capsule] Organic maca, zinc, selenium, various vitamins
Recommended daily intake [Approximate daily amount: 4 capsules].
Contents 30g (250mg x 120 capsules) [approx. 30 days’ worth].
Ingredients Organic maca powder (manufactured in Japan), reduced maltose syrup, dextrin, yeast (containing zinc and selenium), edible oil and fat (containing V.E.)/cellulose, V.C, L-arginine, pantothenic acid Ca, Ca stearate, bisbentiamine, V.B6, micro silicon dioxide, processed starch, thickener (Arabic V.B12, V.D3, Antioxidant (V.E)
Ingredient Information [per capsule] Energy: 0.84 kcal, Protein: 0.05 g, Fat: 0.008 g, Carbohydrate: 0.17 g, Salt equivalent: 0 to 0.0003 mg, Zinc: 0.75 mg