Air Transportation

Air Transportation


M mart Limited.

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August 12, 2022



Project Information

Air transportation is often used to receive products quickly and for high-value items. Air transportation has detailed rules for loading, and the items that can be carried vary from carrier to carrier. We select the best carrier for the product to be delivered.

We select suppliers according to the product requirements of our customers, negotiate prices and terms of trade, and formulate the best prices and terms of trade. Then we arrange transportation from the distributor’s warehouse to the customer’s warehouse. Our strength is that we can request everything from product procurement to transportation as a one-stop service.


Our Strategy

Most products delivered by ocean freight are transported in containers. Container transportation requires many procedures and arrangements, including loading products into containers, transporting containers to the port, transporting by sea, and unloading at the port of arrival. Our professional staff will provide you with the best route and cost to your destination.

  • Formulation of optimal routes to destinations.
  • Schedule coordination and price negotiation with shipping companies.
  • Preparation and processing of customs clearance documents.
  • Online tracking services.

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